Perle Hospitality


Perle Hospitality was developed to meet travelers' needs for suitable accommodations in Haiti. Following the earthquake, an overwhelming number of suites and hotel rooms have been removed from the country's inventory and suitable accommodations have become scarce and prices have long been inflated. We've provided a desirable environment whereby culture, health and safety needs, and transportation services are met by Perle Hospitality.

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Management Team

Executive Director

Gabrielle Rigaud

Geotechnical Engineer in charge of the coordination of the Perle Hospitality project and brand. Primary tasks are to synchronize the activities of each project and assessing the financial health of such activities with the investment managers. Other functions include execution and oversight of the projects at each stage and coordinating with the relevant parties, such as the marketing and development directors.

Marketing Director

Martine Stephenson

MBA with over 10 years of marketing consumer brands and product management. In charge of advertising and promotion for the Perle Hospitality brands. Primary tasks are to make Perle Hospitality and its projects trusted and recognizable brands for investors, partners and clientele. Direct impacts are to increase traffic and recognition of the Perle Hospitality brands and increase revenue.

Operations Director

Anne Marie Desvarieux

Established in 1954, the Maison Ménagère Anne Marie Desvarieux institution has a long history and solid proven record in the hospitality industry in the Caribbean. In charge of coordinating, managing and developing the Perle day-to-day activities. Among other things, tasks are to train staff in the hospitality services, planning, and customer service, and see that the same level of standard is maintained throughout the Perle Hospitality network.