We offer mobile content creators the ability to stop creating content for the mailing list and begin making mailing lists for their content. Our proprietary platform uses deep analytics, artificial intelligence, and computer learning to build robust profiles for each mobile app user. As a content creator releases content, we parse the content for keywords and themes and create an on-demand "send list" based on a variety of factors.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Matt Rubin

Matt has been involved in startups his entire working career. Matt guides the team on the long term vision and market applications.


Jerry Forde

Jerry has decades of experience in the software and hardware business. A seasoned veteran of the industry, Jerry brings a guiding voice to the company.

Lead Developer

Gina Gonzalez-Roundey

Gina is a recent graduate from WPI with a degree in computer science. She's working on artificial intelligence, computational theory, and algorithms.