As nightlife goers, and heavy dating app users, we quickly identified a strong connection between the two industries. We also recognized that there was an obvious fragmentation, and lack of continuity between the two. This led us to identify and solve problems inherent to both, in tandem, while simultaneously bridging the gap that currently exists between the two industries. Nightly is one part dating app, one part nightlife app, combined into one killer product that trumps them all. See the hot people going out in your city tonight or the hot venues where all the action is at, connect with those people, make plans together, and meet tonight. The slate is wiped clean every 24hrs, so everyone needs to get to it and meet, tonight.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Michael Maclean

Michael's Classy was one of Paul English's first investments through his new incubator Blade in Boston.

Keith Frankel

As Creative Director at HubSpot, Keith helped build the brand that eventually led to their IPO.

Lead Backend Engineer

Scott Dinitto

Lead Frontend Engineer

James Shin


Jonah Stuart


Ethan MacDonald