MegaMold® Infrastructure Systems LLC


MegaMold® Modular Stay-In-Place Construction Molds reduce cost and time required to construct major concrete works on infrastructure projects from months and years to days and weeks. This feat is achieved by eliminating the conventional practices of constructing, removing, and handling temporary formwork; eliminating installing reinforcement steel, rod by rod; and eliminating the practice of casting footings, walls, and deck slabs separately.

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Management Team

Executive Vice President - Engineering

Frank K Johnson PE

Mr. Johnson has over 40 years of experience managing civil engineering construction projects worldwide. Most recently he served as the State Project Manager for the City of Boston overseeing and administering all construction activities related to the $14 billion Central Artery/Tunnel Project (BIG DIG). Mr. Johnson, the inventor of the MegaMold® technology, will manage the engineering and technology part of the business plan.

Executive Vice President

Robert Steele

Mr. Steele has over 30 years of experience in product development and distribution in the financial/investment industry. He has served as a managing partner and trustee on numerous company boards. Mr. Steele provided the initial funding for MegaMold® Technology. He will oversee business development for the firm.



Mr. Gaudet has over 30 years experience in the finance industry and 10 years experience in sales and business development. As the President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Gaudet will be responsible for operations management focusing on strategic, tactical, and corporate management. Mr. Gaudet will help design, operate, and improve the business environment that creates and delivers the firm's products and services to the marketplace.


Dr. Minhaj Kirmani PE

Principal, Weidlinger Associates, Inc. a major international civil engineering consulting firm. Dr. Kirmani and his firm have provided engineering design expertise to MegaMold®.


Thom L. Neff PhD

Mr.Neff is president of OckhamKonsult an Infrastructure management consulting firm. He has over 40 years of experience in planning and construction management for a wide range of civil and heavy construction projects including design-bid-build, Design-Build and Public-Private-Partnership (P3) projects. He has a BS in Civil Engineering, a MS in Structural Engineering , and a PhD in in Geotechnics.


Jeff Lyons

After experience in Public Accounting Jeff transitioned into business development. He founded an alternative finance business providing funding to emerging and rapid growth companies. He leverages his diverse skill set by assisting businesses in structuring transactional financing and mitigating business risks. He develops and implements strategies to maximize growth potential, captire market share, and ultimately become bankable businesses

Business Development Manager

James Klutch

Chris has over 35 years successful experience in product development and distribution within numerous industries including Investments and Biotech, His experience touches on strategic and tactical planning, M & A, cost control and logistics. As a seasoned executive focusing on systems and processes, Chris will represent MegaMold to stakeholders addressing the domestic Infrastructure marketplace