We have developed a hybrid desktop manufacturing machine capable of 3D printing two materials and four colors at once as well as CNC milling in wood, metal, and plastic. It is built with a self-cleaning, noise-reducing chassis, a fully networkable onboard computer, and a comprehensive set of safety features. It provides affordable machine-shop capabilities in places they previously couldn’t go, such as labs, office buildings, and even outdoors.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

Jeremy Fryer-Biggs has a passion for developing new ideas into companies. He is a co-founder of venture backed Cymedica inc, which develops innovative orthopedic technologies as well as the creator of The Strivers Foundation - a registered 501(c)3 charity focused on assisting entrepreneurial youth in Sub-Saharan Africa launch innovative businesses


Mark Michelman

Mark Michelman is an avid entrepreneur with experience at several successful venture-backed startups. He established an international sales reporting platform at Open English, helped design a novel microneedle actuation mechanism at Seventh Sense Biosystems, and researched innovative uses for carbon nanotubes at Nantero. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern and is currently getting his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Project Manager

Marie Staver

Marie Staver can't get enough of great ideas. After attending the philosophy and mathematics program at St. John's College, she began a career devoted to helping exciting concepts grow into groundbreaking businesses. She's launched efforts that patented new hardware and software and developed teams and systems that addressed pressing problems in the legal, financial, and educational fields.