Magurobotics LLC (Zombait)


The $9B sportfishing equipment market has benefited little from the smart consumer tech revolution that other sports have enjoyed. Magurobotics aims to change this with more effective, fun, and social products for anglers around the globe. Our first product, Zombait, solves the problem of catching and keeping live bait, by allowing any angler to insert our lure into a dead bait to make it swim again. Live bait effective, but dead bait easy.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Matthew Borowski

Matthew has 8 years of experience in designing embedded electronic systems & 14 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams, most recently as an Air Force Reserve Captain . Matthew has experience in product design, design for manufacturing, B2C digital marketing strategy/execution, and developing sales channels.


Jessy Cusack

Jessy has 8 years of experience in consumer product design and customer research including design for manufacturing, industrial design and ergonomics, and rapid prototyping. Jessy has experience in supply chain management, BOM optimization, prototyping, and mechanism design.


Rink Varian

Rink has 40+ years commercial fishing and has run 3 companies in the fishing industry including Bluefin Tuna fishing off the coast of Maine. Rink has immense Global fishing market knowledge, experience, & close connections to the industry.

Business Development

Betsy Varian

Betsy is a successful businesswoman, having been self-employed for 10+ years in Maine small business. Betsy has close experience in and connections to resources including consulting, accounting, financial management, and more.