LottoGraphs Co.


Lott-o-Graph$ Corporation is a startup interactive multimedia software company in a $225 billion dollar lottery industry. We provide products in this after market which responds to the requests of lottery players worldwide.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder & CEO

William Lott

IBM software engineer who formerly worked on the Lotus Notes program from it's inception. He worked closely with Ray Ozzie and his Dev. Team at IRIS Associates and has been involved with numerous startups over his 25 years as a Sr. Lotus Notes Consultant. His knowledge and experience with rolling out a major software products to a mass market is invaluable in making him the driving force behind finally pursuing his own entrepreneurial venture.

Chief Developer

Caroline Kipling

Caroline Kipling is a software developer with over 16 years of progressive experience with full product life cycle (design, development, deployment and writing of technical documents). Her work has been primarily with high available, real-time, fault tolerant and multithreaded applications running on large, distributed systems. She is fluent in English and French.

Senior Software Developer

Sireesh Beemineni

Indra is Software Architect with over 10 years hands on experience in developing and managing multiple web products. Conceiving ideas and building products is what excites Indra the most. Previously at EMC, he has been as Technical Program Manager and leading a web technologies team. Indra holds an Engineering Degree from JNTU, Hyderabad.


Paul J. Litwin Esq.

Partner, Shames & Litwin. Entertainment law practice involving the negotiation and drafting of a myriad of contracts utilized by a broad range of clients in the industries of music, film, TV, media, video, publishing and photography; including copyright registration, copyright infringement, corporate and business related matters, employment contracts, production contracts, content licensing, commercial endorsements and merchandising deals.