iRewardHealth, Inc


iRewardHealth reinforces the development of healthy habits to reduce costs associated with chronic illness, effectively engaging users which is where current wellness offerings have failed. We use a proprietary and adaptive reward algorithm and leading edge behavioral technology to achieve this goal. Revenue is generated through a subscription model priced per user, and our product is a mobile software application

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Management Team

CEO and Co-founder

Rick McCartney

Rick is an executive with experience building three previous businesses in behavioral health. A well established respect for cash flow, with a complementary vision for building software solutions at scale drive his passion for taking healthy behavior change to the masses through bleeding edge technological implementations of behavioral principles.

Co-founder and Senior Scientific Advisor

Benjamin Silverman

Dr. Silverman is a physician and expert in behavior change. His vast experience in psychiatry and ethics, including substantial clinical experience in behaviorism and serving as a chair of the Partners Healthcare Institutional Review Board. He additionally holds a faculty position at Harvard Medical School. He is an asset to iRewardHealth in our pursuit of bringing evidence-based practices to the masses to create lasting healthy behavior change.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Carmine DiChiara

Dr. DiChiara is a MIT trained software engineer with extensive experience deigning elegant software solutions to various market problems. He additionally holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, and works extensively to implement features to support users in their pursuit of health. Carmine's experience in behavioral health and software engineering bring a unique strength in developing leading solutions for healthy behavior change.


Christian Koha

Chris brings excellent organizational and team building skills to iRewardHealth, where he serves as a leader who brings various departments together as he works alongside them. From development project management to building company culture and supporting financial and fundraising needs, Chris brings a diverse skillset where he is ready to take on any task that comes up on the rocky path to building a thriving business.

Director of Human Resources

Christine Clemmens

With nearly 10 years of HR experience, Christine specializes in employee and labor relations, compensation, and talent acquisition. She has previous start-up experience, working for a physical therapy office and an energy efficiency company. In her previous position as HR Manager at the American Red Cross, Christine tested and rolled out a new national HRIS while simultaneously negotiating two new union contracts.

Senior Interactive Designer

Leonardo Dornelas

Bringing over 13 years of graphic, motion, and interactive design experience to iRewardHealth, Leo has worked on award-winning online marketing campaigns for clients such as NatGeo, Sony, UFC, HBO, and NBC. He developed an interactive game demo for Akamai that was highlighted in The Boston Globe’s Beta Boston, and has also designed and built dashboards, visualizations, and demos featured in Akamai’s HQ Network Operations Command Center.

COO German Operations

Nina Kiwit

Nina leads by implementing her knowledge in business from her studies at the Rotterdam School of Management and the School of Economics Berlin. At iRewardHealth, her combined expertise in Public Health and E-Health from Charité Berlin and TU Berlin are an asset for the company giving strategic input, handling operations and business growth in the German market, leveraging her previous experience building up a StartUp and working in healthcare.

Director of Product

Nate Burnes

Nate is an experienced product manager with expertise and system and process management. He holds an MBA from Cornell, and spent 4.5 years as Director of Product at Virgin Pulse, our largest competitor in the space. His domain expertise, combined with a personal mission to build elegant and scalable products that help people live better lives are valuable assets for the iRewardHealth team

Mobile Software Engineer

Philipp Engelhard

Philipp leads the charge in Mobile product development for both Android and iOS. His wealth of experience in mobile application development is a valued asset to iRewardHealth

Front End Web Engineer

Isak Fagerlund

Isak is a web developer with expertise in React.js. He manages the web application that supports both the web presence of our end user application, as well as the self enrollment and program administration tool for employers.