Inanovate, Inc


Inanovate has developed a patented blood analysis system for use in research and clinical diagnostics applications. The system, called the Bio-ID, is enabling a new generation of advanced diagnostics through the accurate measurement of a near unlimited range of disease related biological molecules in one low-cost easy to use blood test.  Inanovate’s first diagnostic application of the Bio-ID platform is a low-cost blood test to monitor for breast cancer recurrence, being developed in partnership with Sanford Health. Inanovate is presently raising $1.25million in investment capital to advance the breast cancer test through the next phase of clinical trials. 

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Management Team

President & CEO

David Ure

Inanovate's Founder and co-inventor of the LAS technology. Mr Ure has over 8 yrs senior executive experience in the Life Science industry, with a further 7 yrs senior management and management consulting experience to start-up and high-growth companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics, a Master of Science with Distinction in Radiation Physics from the University of Birmingham, UK, and an MBA Summa Cum Laude from Babson College, US.


Dr James Nelson

Inanovate’s CTO and co-inventor of the LAS technology. Dr. Nelson has over 16 yrs experience in developing and establishing advanced technologies for biomolecule screening, including 10 yrs as Manager of Technology Development at GlaxoSmithKline overseeing development and optimization of next generation multiplexing technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a PhD in Organic Chemistry.


Matthew Kostura

Dr. Kostura has over 25 years experience in developing advanced technologies for bio-molecule screening applications. Dr. Kostura has led the deployment and development of multiple immunoassay technologies in both GMP and GLP environments.  Dr. Kostura holds a PhD in Biology from University of Maryland.

Director of Engineering

Gregory Votaw

Mr. Votaw has over 16 years experience developing and implementing automation systems for the pharmaceutical industry and managing projects from concept through R&D and installation at research sites worldwide.  Mr Votaw holds an AE in Electronics Engineering.

Director of Operations

Robert Nelson

Mr. Nelson has over 20 years experience in development and manufacturing process control of micro-fluidic systems. Mr. Nelson holds a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Forensic Chemistry from Northeastern University.


Randall Marfin

Mr. Marfin was a Founding team member and Vice President of Strategic Development at Luminex Corp. He helped oversee the growth of Luminex into a successful publicly traded company with a capitalization of $1 Billion.