Building rapport with strangers is hard - it's even tougher for singles trying to find meaningful relationships through dating apps. Icebrkr offers real-time coaching to make creating profiles and talking to matches easy and fun. Using a mix of human dating coaches and a dating coach chatbot, Icebrkr will get you on that first date faster and make you better at communicating in the process.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder & CEO

Kevin Murray

Previously, he was a dating coach & Director of Operations at eFlirt (dating/relationships consulting company) He’s coached hundreds of online daters across the U.S. with common pain paints like photo selection, profile writing, & messaging. While pursuing his Master’s degree, Kevin studied alongside one of the top online academic researchers in the country. He’s ran focus groups & written scholarly papers on self-presentation in dating profiles.

Founder & CPO

Mark Brehaut

Mark is a former Creative Director (Senior UX/UI Designer & Lead Frontend Developer) for an app development agency. He has several years of experience creating web and mobile apps. While pursuing his masters degree on a PHD track for Marriage & Family Therapy, Mark focused his academic research on courtship & conflict in romantic relationships. His thesis on jealousy was accepted to be presented at the largest communication conference in the US.