Greenvolved offers you the power to make change happen. We give you the ability to tell large corporations how to invest their money back into the environment. How? Browse through the available environmental projects, and vote for the ones you think are the most important. After enough people vote for a project, the sponsoring corporation provides the funding. Ultimately, you drive the change – we just give you a voice. That’s Greenvolved.

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Management Team

Co-founder, CEO

Omri Portal

During the past year, while leading Greenvolved, Omri has found out that basic things like eating, sleeping, and playing X-BOX becomes optional once you're full with spirituality and satisfaction from living your dream. Omri claims that watching the movie "Into the Wild" gave him the push and confidence to leave everything behind (he had nothing, really) and walking into his "wild"- turning Greenvolved into a successful reality.

Co-founder, Head of Business Development

Tomer Binyamin

It's nearly impossible to describe Tomer; he defies any conventional image. He's one of those "characters" that lives ahead of his time. We're trying to minimize that gap ever since we started working together. Tomer has an incredible ability to get into a 6 hour conversation with virtually everyone, on a topic of their choice, even in a language he doesn't speak. That ability helps him in leading our B2B work.

Co-founder, CTO

Ido Markovitz

Ido admires Steve Jobs so much that he chose to name his cat after him. Both Ido and "Steve" are on a never ending battle over the position of "Master of the House". From time to time, Ido gets injured in the fight, while Steve always remains safe. When Steve is asleep - or accidently in a good mood - Ido is doing an amazing work leading Greenvolved's Technology and U.X. work.

Co-founder, Head of Environmental Projects

Yoav Avneon

Yoav is juggling between our tasks, raising Geffen (his charming 1 year-old daughter), and finalizing his P.H.D in Ecology and wildlife conservation. During his exciting life, he once lived in the jungle handling a puma in a wildlife refuge for over two months. Yoav is leading all the work regarding the projects we recruit for our platform, and forges relationships with vital NGOs around the world.