GreenSight Agronomics


Our intelligence platform is the brains of precision agricultural robots. Aerial intelligence is gathered daily with custom drones and sensors, processed with machine learning and automatically delivered to our customer web portal. Daily intelligence on water, land conditions and plant health saves millions of dollars on chemicals and water. Current customers include agro-chemical companies, equipment companies, and golf courses.

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Management Team


Joel Pedlikin

Executive Management, Program Management, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Recruiting, HR, Customer Service


James Peverill

Executive Management, Program Management, Drone Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Software Development, Mechanical Engineering and Robotics.

Director of Business Development

Lilian Ting

General Partner at BAC, 12 years in strategy and change management. Extensive startup experience, MA, PhD coursework George Washington University


Shevawn Hardesty

CFO Worked with over 25 startups

Chief Agronomy Officer

John Kaminski

Renown expert in agronomy, fungicide/herbicide evaluation, turf grass science & management