GreenChoice empowers informed food choices. Our platform aggregates and analyzes disparate data on diet, health, and sustainability to help consumers easily figure out what food they should eat and buy based on their dietary values and goals. GreenChoice offers a (free) mobile app that simplifies healthy, values-based grocery shopping - available on iOS & Android.

Management Team

Galen Karlan-Mason

Galen holds an MBA from Brandeis International Business School and brings a background in sustainability, system dynamics, and cross-functional collaboration. Galen is the former-Director and Co-founder of Golazos Peru, a non-profit focused on youth empowerment through soccer.

Lead Data Scientist

Varun Srivastava

Varun holds an MS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and brings expertise in algorithms, statistics, data mining, and machine learning. Varun has a personal interest in robotics and while at Purdue could often be found in the robotics lab fighting out-of-control limbs.