Delicious, convenient, functional meals optimized for your wetware. We’re creating a subscription product that aims to disrupt the multi-billion dollar ramen, prepared foods and snack food market. We take the thinking out of meal prep by crafting foods that heal through molecular gastronomy techniques. We are crafting meals from precise combinations of foods that provide consumers with the necessary nutrients to maximize neural performance.

Video Pitch

Management Team

co-founder and CXO

Joshua D. Tobkin

Served as a board member for a non-profit focused on nutrition and the brain, The Wahls Foundation. Foodie with experience in food supply chains.


Brooke Levin

Recent Yale graduate. Extensive interest in foods, nutrition, and the brain. Modern culinary artist.


Benjamin Schanker, MD MBA MPH

Harvard Medical School graduate with a deep interest in nutrition and brain health. MD MPH MBA