Fide PBC


Fide was conceived to empower the consumer for a global marketplace. Brand owners and service providers need to evolve to cover effectively the expectation and demands of this empowered consumer. Fide is a platform capable of handling the broad activities needed around Digital Coupons, Rewards & Loyalty, Advance Data Analytics and Mobile Payments; one shop, securely and confidentially all activities and functionalities are truly interlinked.

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Management Team

Carlos Santaella


Yuri Tijerino

Dr. Tijerino is an expert in software engineering, semantic technologies, software agents, advanced user interfaces, social networking systems, natural language processing, cloud computing, and smartphone applications development. He has authored numerous publications. Dr. Tijerino is also a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with start-up ventures dating back to the mid-90s in San Francisco and extending more recently to Japan.