Ergosuture Corp.


Ergosuture is a research-boutique, dedicated to the development of advanced suturing devices to streamline the suturing process. Our products allow for a consistent and continuous suturing motion regardless of the operator’s proficiency level. Applications are multiple, from hand-held suturing devices to laparoscopic and transcatheter instruments, surgical robots and other automated suturing applications.

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Management Team

CEO & Co-Founder

Claude Nogard

Claude Nogard, co-founder and CEO, has more than twenty years of global experience in the Health Care industry in pharmaceuticals, vaccines and diagnostics. Over his career Claude has been a passionate visionary bringing to the market products that have a positive impact to patients' quality of life. Claude's life goal has been to bring solutions that will improve patients quality of life. Claude lives with his wife and two kids in Boston, MA.

Acting CSO, VP Scientific Affairs & Inventor

Luis Almodovar

Dr. Luis Almodovar, neurosurgeon, is co-founder and Inventor of the Drive’N Roll technology. His vision is to improve patient care through procedure simplification and the development of more capable, more versatile technology. He brings his passion and vision to Ergosuture. Dr. Almodovar continues his practice and is a leader in the neurosurgical oncology field in Puerto Rico. His greatest fulfillment comes from enjoying his family life.