Our mission is to help Bostonians in crisis get the goods they need to survive and thrive. More than 80% of donated items are sold for profit, while the critically poor in our community struggle to obtain basic necessities. Donii is a donation matchmaking service. Through a network of local nonprofit partners, we connect donors to families who lack exactly what the donor has to spare. We offer our services as a workplace amenity.

Management Team

Founder & CEO

Angie Janssen

Angie conceived of Donii when trying to give away an unneeded (but perfectly good) bed. Donii was born of the belief that generosity combined with connectivity can meaningfully alleviate material need. Angie earned degrees in Government and Urban Planning from Harvard University. She believes in making cities smarter by building more efficient social mechanisms.


Alexandra Marchosky

Alexandra began her career as a litigator, but long ago left behind "professional fighting" to focus on working with people and organizations to create positive change in the world. Before Donii, Alexandra worked as a sustainability consultant; the head of people, systems, and culture for a management consulting company; and as a life and leadership coach.