There is a lot of focus on preventing teen pregnancy. However, for the 250,000+ teens who get pregnant per year, support is fragmented . Teen parents are a highly stigmatized population, and they and their babies have some of the worst outcomes in education, economic productivity, and health. Chirp is working to get over the two-generational stigma and provide actionable steps online, to empower teen parents to make informed decisions.

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Management Team


Phoebe Stoye

Phoebe Stoye graduated 2018 in Neurobio at Harvard with a thesis on early childhood adversity at Boston Children’s Hospital. She has built a heat stroke sensor, assisted with the Hot Cars Act, and created marketing projections for a neonatal jaundice startup. Now, along with Chirp, she is the Marketing Manager at, a clinical research software startup. She aims to apply scientific innovations to early childhood inequities.


Risham Dhillon

Risham Dhillon graduated in 2018 from Computer Science at Harvard, and is motivated to improve outcomes for underserved populations through simple online technologies. Outside of Chirp, Risham is a Venture Fellow at Rough Draft, and a co-founder of Four94. Along with Chirp she will be starting as an Associate Product Manager at Google in July.