Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc


Boston Logic offers the Sequoia platform, by far, the most comprehensive platform for growing a real estate brokerage. Independent research shows that proper implementation of our platform causes agents to close, on average, 2 more deals per year.

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Management Team

Founder and President

David Garrett Friedman

When David left grad school at Tufts at 23, he had only 1 career path in mind, to start and run companies. That's been his career. An engineer by training, David looks at business models as systems. This may make him sounds like a geek, but David is a consummate salesman. David cycled across the USA at the age of 16, hiked the Long Trail at 22, has skied on multiple continents, and has climbed rock and ice from Colorado to the Adirondacks

Chief Architect

Tom Cocca

Tom came to Boston Logic directly from RPI and rose through the ranks quickly to head our development team. A high school football star, the athlete in Tom comes out in his management and communication style daily. Tom is a Ruby on Rails expert respected by the Ruby community in Boston and beyond.

Director of Sales

Erik Poje

Erik started his career in sales in the financial services sector with American Express Financial Services. Since then, Erik has spend years growing startups in the Boston Area including Percussion Software and Relay Technology. Always on his game, Erik is in his element when leading a sales team and developing sales talent. Erik earned his bachelor's degree from UMass Amherst's Isenberg School of Management.

Director of Operations

Randy Bush

Randy is a born systematizer and simplifier. Starting in administration, Randy quickly worked his way into the manager's suite at Boston Logic. Before joining Boston Logic, Randy helped run divisions of Dow Jones and H.C. Wainwright.

David Friedman