Blurr is a platform that allows users to effortlessly take, view and share every picture taken around them. Blurr is taking picture taking from a private to public platform, but only with those around you. By creating this platform, Blurr easily allows all users to source the best content taken around them, save it down and share to social media. Thus, Blurr is the first hyper-public pre social-media content platform.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Daniel Arvidsson

Dan has valuable work experience from spending time at a large investment bank and also playing a prominent business development role in an early stage fin-tech startup. Also, Dan is fluent in 5 languages and competes as a varsity student-athlete.


Sam Marley

Sam gained unique experience working in the trading world at a large asset management firm. By being recruited as a varsity student-athlete, Sam became the first student from his low-income high school to attend university abroad.


Daniel Korman

Dan has gained experience working in a micro-innovation department within a large Insurance corporation. He has previously combined playing professional soccer while studying for an Economics degree in a foreign language, has lived in 3 continents and is a varsity student-athlete.