BioTrak Therapeutics


BioTrak has developed a mobile behavioral health app for the 2.4 billion people worldwide who suffer from frequently recurring tension-type headaches & migraines. Halo has been clinically-shown to reduce migraine frequency & reduce headache-related disability superior to that of the latest migraine drugs. Global launch in Q4 ‘18 with annual revenue of $25M in 2022.

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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Bratzler, PhD

Michigan/MIT . Serial entrepreneur--CEO of 5 successful healthcare startups; 4 IPO's on NASDAQ; raised over $500 million in license fees and equity money. Over 30 years of management experience in healthcare startup companies. Prior to ass't professor of chemical engineering at Princeton.

Chief Medical Officer

Pete Lillydahl

Princeton/Duke trained; 35 years in private practice as an ear, nose, and throat physician in Boulder, Colorado.

Chief Technical Officer

Erik Lillydahl

Lehigh BSE, MEng. Has experience in sales, new product development, and engineering at Linde. Recipient of design and innovation awards. Co-founder of BioTrak Therapeutics.

Chief Product Officer

Adam Kirell

Lehigh BSE, MEng. Has sales, business development, and product design experience. Recipient of numerous entrepreneurship awards. Co-founder of BioTrak Therapeutics.

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Lee

PhD. 35 years in high tech companies on research, development, program management, product development, regulatory, business development, and manufacturing.

Director, Software Development

Jason Ramus

Has 15 years of software development experience with LSI and NetApp. Full stack mobile app developer.

Director, User Experience and Usability

Theo Mandel PhD

Has 35 years of experience in product and software user experience design and usability research, beginning in IBM. Co-founder of an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) mobile app and a social tech ratings app. Author of two books.