Applyful is a two-sided marketplace for students and colleges to engage one another. The free service for students and their supporters enables them to manage all of the activity and information throughout their college application process, while the paid service for colleges gives them access to rich analytics and targeted marketing tools for recruiting.

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Management Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Tony Zanders

Tony Zanders is the Founder and CEO at Applyful. Inspired by his MBA application process to reinvent college selection, he begin developing Applyful during the summer of 2012. He is responsible the growth and success of the company in areas of product development, design, fundraising, user acquisition, business development, recruiting and more. Having developed his corporate DNA at startup companies in Silicon Valley, he ran marketing at Inigral,

Co-Founder and CTO

Don Hu

Bringing over a decade of experience with open source technologies, building web applications on scalable platforms, and a wealth of knowledge managing local and remote teams, Don Hu is Applyful’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. When Applyful was conceived, he instantly identified with the problems it was designed to solve, having recently gone through the college admissions process with his son. In this role, he manages Applyful’s devel

Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer

Mikala Streeter

At Applyful, I work on product design/development and user testing. And anything else that has to do with connecting students, teachers, counselors, and organizations with our application. Previously, I was a software developer at Oracle. After 3 years, I left to lead the engineering program at Eastside College Prep, where I also recruit new students, and provide guidance counseling to students regarding the college application process.