What’s New in Civic Tech: Boston Shares Key Performance Data

July 12, 2019

Boston has continued to update the digital platform for its CityScore program, which takes key performance metrics from departments throughout the city and compiles them into an easy-to-read format. The idea behind CityScore is simple: it’s essentially a platform designed to inform the mayor and other city managers in near real time about how well the city is performing by aggregating key performance metrics into one simple number. That number on Thursday, for example, was .97, which is just a shade below 1.0, the number that means everything is operating at the city’s targets. 

This public-facing platform for CityScore also does the work of showing the public how this program is being used to guide improvements in the city. One can scroll down from the 1.0 target number to find the individual components that went into the calculation. These include things like 311 call center performance, pothole repair, EMS response times and crime data benchmarks. 

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