Spotlight on: Vyasa Analytics, StartHub’s Startup to Watch for June 2018

June 26, 2018

Each month as part of StartHub Startups to Watch Program we connect with the winning company to learn more about them.  Our June Startup to Watch is Vyasa Analytics, a deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Christopher Bouton, CEO of Vyasa Analytics.  Here’s what we learned:

Tell us about your company. What is Vyasa Analytics?

Vyasa Analytics provides deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Vyasa’s Cortex software is a secure, highly scalable platform for collaborative knowledge discovery and data analytics. Using Vyasa’s proprietary Neural Concept Recognition technology, Cortex identifies trends and patterns across disparate data sources, empowering project teams to gain insights and drive better decision making.

What is your background?

My background is in life sciences and data analytics. I earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Neurobiology from Johns Hopkins University, where I conducted research in molecular biology and computational biology. I worked at Pfizer for five years as the Head of Integrative Data Mining before founding Entagen, a software company for big data analytics that I sold to Thomson Reuters in 2013. In 2016, I founded Vyasa Analytics to apply AI in life sciences and healthcare.

How did you come up with the idea for Vyasa Analytics? Who is your target customer?

Deep learning systems are architected in a manner similar to the human cortex, and with my background in neuroscience, I thought that was really interesting. Through researching this space, I identified that there are game-changing capabilities for these systems in life sciences and healthcare. That convinced me I had to start another company, Vyasa.

I spent four years living in India as a boy, and developed a great respect for Vyasa – an important Hindu figure, storyteller, and compiler of information. Likewise, I believe AI approaches will help us better compile and gain insights from our data systems.

Vyasa Analytics specializes in the life sciences and healthcare industries because that’s where my background is, but our technology can be applied across multiple verticals, including legal, business intelligence, fintech, and marketing. Our customers are typically project teams and researchers using Cortex to make better informed decisions on clinical trials, treatments and novel therapies, patient records and many other challenges.

How do you think Vyasa Analytics is going to disrupt the market? What are the main differentiators between you and your competitors?

Focusing in the life sciences and healthcare verticals is a key differentiator for Vyasa. There is so much opportunity to apply deep learning in these industries to advance research and development, design better therapeutics and improve the lives of patients.

Who are your main investors?

We are privately funded with an initial round of $500,000.

Why did you decide to start your business in Boston? How long has your company been around?

I founded Vyasa in 2016, and we’re headquartered in Newburyport, MA. Our team is primarily based in Boston area. Vyasa is the second company I’ve built in Massachusetts, and I truly believe the ecosystem here is uniquely suited for the businesses I’m interested in creating. Boston has a combination of high tech, healthcare and life sciences that can’t be found in many other, if any other, places in the world.

What resources in the startup community have contributed to the success of Vyasa Analytics?

The talent pool in Boston, especially for a company like Vyasa, is unmatched. We don’t set specific hiring targets, but hire based on specific gaps as we grow. We’re engaged with organizations like StartHub and MassTLC to find the right people across a range of different specialties, from cloud systems architects to data scientists.

How do you use StartHub professionally?

We created a profile on StartHub to reach the vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investor, and job seekers on the site. It’s awesome to have been chosen as a StartHub Startup to Watch, and we have the community to thank for that.

What are the next steps for Vyasa Analytics?

Our next steps are to continue with the projects that we’re involved with now, continue to ensure that our technologies provide maximum value and work to make our clients more successful. Humanity is still in the very early stages of learning how to apply these technologies. Our understanding of AI starts with separating hype from reality, and investing in the development of systems that address valuable use cases in the industry.

What is the most important thing our readers should know about Vyasa Analytics?

The idea of AI has been around for decades, but only now are we experiencing a perfect storm of GPU-based computing power, deep learning algorithm advances and highly scalable data sources that together enable paradigm-shifting analytics capabilities. Vyasa exists to separate the hype from the reality and apply these systems to challenges that will have a positive impact on humanity.

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