Over The Summer Months, Greater Boston Surpassed SF, NYC In Average Seed-Stage Dollar Volume

November 5, 2019

Bolstered with startup labsinnovation centers, and even an award for disobedience, Greater Boston rewards early ideas spun into startups. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the city is home to 152,000 college and university students, working on smart watches that detects driver drowsiness to combatting Fortnite addiction.

So for this Boston column, let’s look at how (and if) the uniquely young, student-dominated environment fuels seed deals, the earliest bit of venture capital that a startup raises before an institutional Series A round.

Isolating the school’s out summer months of June through September, we parsed Crunchbase data to see how the size of seed rounds has grown over time in Greater Boston. This past summer, there were 68 known seed rounds by Greater Boston companies, raising an average of $2.2 million dollars per round.

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