Massachusetts doctors going the startup route

November 26, 2018

One graduated from Harvard Medical School but never practiced medicine, deciding at age 26 to develop a device to fight obesity.

Another graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and promptly joined the drug industry, recently helping to engineer the sale of a Cambridge startup in a deal worth up to $775 million.

A third treats patients at Massachusetts General Hospital but works mostly at the biotech she created as a first-year resident, when she got the idea of using silk to deliver drugs into a patient’s body.

Plenty of CEOs at life sciences companies began their careers as doctors, but most practiced medicine for years before landing their jobs. More and more, however, executives in Massachusetts’ red-hot biotech cluster are taking a different route. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on elite medical schools, they decide they don’t want to wear a white coat — at least not most of the time. They believe they can do more to improve health care by being entrepreneurs.

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