The Best State For Science And Tech? It's Massachusetts, Again

January 8, 2019

Massachusetts boasts the nation's best business environment for science and technology, according to a prominent think tank.

The nonpartisan Milken Institute highlighted Massachusetts' strength in research and development, powered by the state's many colleges and universities, and said an outsize share of venture capital money flows to Massachusetts companies. Though California claims more total dollars, Massachusetts leads the country in venture capital funding as a percentage of gross state product, according to Milken's calculations.

Milken ranks states every other year; Massachusetts has been No. 1 since 2002.

"Not only does it have the tremendous concentration of universities and all that suggests and implies, it's the retention of talent that's incredibly important," said report coauthor Kevin Klowden. "Yes, there's brain drain, but the overall educational attainment of the workforce is incredibly high."

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