The 16 B Corp.-Certified Companies & Entities in Boston

March 10, 2018

Two solar startups, two food and beverage companies and several asset management firms are part of the list of the B Corp.-certified companies and entities in Boston.

A total of 16 Boston-based corporations met the requirements to be certified between 2008 to 2017. The majority of the companies completed the process in 2013 or 2014.

Administered by non-profit organization B Lab, B Corp. is a certification for for-profit businesses that have committed to meeting rigorous environmental and social standards. The process of getting certified requires at least six steps, including taking the B Impact Assessment, which assesses the overall impact of your company on its stakeholders.

“We decided it was important for us to share that we care about more than just the bottom dollar – that we care about people and planet as well,” Rachel Murray, co-founder of She Geeks Out, one of the companies on the list, wrote in an email. “We also wanted to be a part of a community of other businesses that feel similarly.”

Murray also shared some of the methods her company deploys to meet the standards. “Much of it is about creating guidelines and best practices and sticking by them. Whether it’s establishing an environmental policy or publicly committing to creating an inclusive environment welcoming of diverse backgrounds and experiences, these are living documents that guide our business practices.”

Here are the 16 B Corp.-certified companies in Boston as listed on the B Corporation website.

Beta Bionics, Inc.

Co-founded in 2015 by Ed Damiano, Toby Milgrome and Firas El-Khatib as a Massachusetts public benefit corporation, Beta Bionics is working on commercializing a “bionic pancreas” technology developed at Boston University. Here are the company’s scores as a B Corp.

BlueWave Solar

Certified since April 2017, Bluewave Solar is a solar energy company founded on a mission to make “solar available to everyone, everywhere.” Here are the company’s scores as a B Corp.


Boloco, a Boston-based family of 17 restaurants and 300 team members serving globally inspired burritos, bowls, salads, smoothies and shakes, is certified since 2016. Here are the company’s scores as a B Corp.

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