Build A Pear

Build A Pear

We know it's tricky figuring out what your next career step is. Over the past couple years, we've discovered there are many people who are capable of doing things they may not have imagined or that previous or potential employers haven't let them try yet.

At Prepaired, we do have official job listings for previously designed positions. But we also have many contributors who fill a role we didn't know existed at the time we met them. If someone is a good fit, we will create something to suit our mutual needs, goals, hopes, and ambitions.

We're looking to add to our team in the following departments:

Data Analytics

Product Testing

Product Development

Sales Coordinator

Technical Education

Our Pears come in all shades—full time, part time, contract, side gig, etc.

We're in the wedding industry. We're also a tech startup. If either of those things sound good, we might be a great fit for you. We don't care if you have anything similar on your resume.

All Our Pears are:



Up for new, different and diverse challenges

Always learning

Like to travel

Can monitor their own workflow

Know if they're a rock, paper, or scissors

Strong communicators

Like puzzles

Please answer the attached questions and enclose any relevant background info you'd like for us to consider and review. (resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc.) There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to know how we can best meet your needs and wants. It's there as a guide to direct us. [You are responsible for verifying you fit the above qualifications.]


Right now, are you looking for full-time, regular part-time, contract, or side gig type of work?

Could this change in the future, if so, in which direction?

Are you more interested in making sure you earn at least a certain amount, or what is potentially possible (both are good things, but which one is more important?)

How important is face time with your fellow contributors? (Pears are spread around the US and some are in Asia, so this isn't a reach, even though we're remote, we do various meet ups)

What do you look for in a manager or from company leadership?

What's your leadership style?

What's a type of work you've done in the past that you'd like more of?

What new skill(s) would you like to learn in next year or two?

What thing(s) do you want us to know about you that your resume doesn't say and the above questions didn't address?

Entry Level, Mid Level, Senior Level
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