Women in Tech - Finding Community Within the Tech Ecosystem


WeWork Mass Ave. (Central Square, Cambridge)
625 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 01701
United States

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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Boston has a variety of thriving communities within our business ecosystem, but it often can be difficult for folks to learn about and to become a part of these communities. Whether you are interested in getting involved in the tech community for the first time or looking to expand your network within the community, we hope to see you there!

Please join us at WeWork Mass Ave (Central Square Cambridge) for this free event to engage with a panel of POC women working in different roles in tech as they share their "boots on the ground" experiences and answer your questions about the Boston innovation ecosystem:

• Stephanie Castaños - Relationship Manager/Community & Partnerships at Resilient Coders, former Program Manager at Startup Institute

• Cassie Hebert - Community Manager / UX/UI Designer, former CM at Workbar coworking space

• Winnie Gong - UI Designer at Lovepop, Instructor at Startup Institute

• Luyuan Nathan - iOS Developer at Intrepid Pursuits, former General Assembly instructor

• Alexandra Howley, Moderator – Program Manager at AAUW, former Local Partnership and Marketing Lead at General Assembly

• Jed Hammel, Organizer - This event is one of many that event/video producer Jed Hammel (Filmshift Festival, City Awake, Volta video productions) is planning throughout the year. He plans these events because he is passionate about creating unique experiences, continual learning, and he believes in the power of bringing people together...and because he is a fan of cheese plates.

(A few daring audience members may be encouraged to do the "We Will Rock You" clap/stomp to welcome our panel to the stage, but we're playing that one by ear.)

Advocating for Yourself at Work - presented by Alex Howley
Most of us have heard about the Gender Pay Gap. National Census data continues to affirm that women on average are still making 20% less than men. When we break that down by race/ethnicity, the numbers are even more disheartening. Latina women are often the group impacted the most, making only 54 cents on a white male’s dollar (quick pause to let that sink in).

This is not the fault of women. It is 2018. This is a culture problem.

With that said, while we wait for legislation and workforce culture to catch up, women have to do everything we can to advocate for ourselves in the workplace to ensure we do not fall victim to the pay gap.

Alex Howley is the Program Manager for AAUW Work Smart in Boston, a grassroots salary negotiation program created in partnership with AAUW and Mayor Walsh with the goal to train half the working women in Boston by 2021. The program is designed to empower women to use market research and negotiation tactics to confidently go into their next negotiation.

Alex is going to be joining us, not just as a representative of AAUW, but also as a woman that has personally left money on the table by being afraid to negotiate for herself. She is going to share a little about her experience with negotiation, give us all a quick introduction to the new MA Equal Pay legislation (going into effect on July 1st), and also share some tips to help empower you at work.
The event is in general geared toward those who identify as female or trans, but others who are interested who can “Stop, Collaborate, and Listen” (Vanilla Ice-style) as allies are welcome as well.

Stay tuned for future events including content marketing, whiskey/ice cream social, and craft beer and playing with puppies, and more.

Thanks to our gracious host, WeWork Cambridge, and to our presenters for offering their time and advice


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