Unleash Your Potential through Public Speaking


186 Lincoln Street
Floor 6
Boston, MA 02111
United States

Friday, 25 October 2019 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

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When we communicate better there’s an opportunity to create professional growth and progress. This workshop will help you remove personal blocks and anxiety that may be holding you back from telling your story and sharing your knowledge with others.


This workshop is great for managers and individual contributors in a variety of roles from product managers to sales and marketing professionals to engineers and software developers.


This workshop is facilitated by Scott Stolze, an accomplished professional who is focused on enabling career growth for others through communication coaching. You can expect that this workshop will be an engaging and supportive setting for participants to be open and vulnerable to learn new techniques for improving communication skills.


During the workshop we’ll cover:

1. Storytelling and lessons learned from challenges

2. New approaches and recommendations for impactful public speaking

3. A breakdown of the components of a great presentation

4. How to understand anxiety and how to work with it

5. Interactive exercises to practice storytelling

6. Situational prompts to uncover stories and motivators that matter


Everyone will leave with an understanding of your unique story, how to be yourself in settings where you are speaking such as client and team meetings, presentations and 1v1s. You’ll leave with and an understanding of the value you bring and most importantly how to bring that value to the people you interact with. You will change the narrative of what you hope and think other people think of you.