Transforming Transportation - Fierce Urgency of Now!


The Barr Foundation
2 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA
United States

Thursday, 5 September 2019 - 11:00am

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If the public conversation about transportation consists mostly of wonky white papers talking about what’s broken, how do you make room for what’s possible? How can young professionals of color approach this aspect of Boston's livability in new, creative ways?

This panel will explore how people-centered, creative communications initiatives – think “flower bombs,” jazz during a morning commute, and Instagram contests – can punch through the noise and negativity to help make the case for bolder ideas, using the case study of the BostonBRTcampaign.

Panelists include:



What is the Fierce Urgency of Now Festival?

A five-day series of events hosted by local businesses and organizations geared at highlighting the experiences, challenges, and opportunities for young professionals of color in our city with the ultimate goal of creating community.

With more than 30 events scheduled, you can plan to learn, connect, and have fun all week long, while also lending your voice to change. Join us September 4-8 to help make Boston more inclusive for all.

Why are we involved in F.U.N.?

Transportation is an important issue that relates to jobs, housing, economic growth, and our region's overall prosperity. With half of the workforce in Boston being classified as millennials, and nearly half of millennials in Greater Boston being people of color, we know that the business community must play a key role in improving the region's trasnportation system in a way that increases access and promotes equity.


About BostonBRT

BostonBRT is a research and community engagement initiative to bring bus rapid transit (BRT) to Greater Boston as a needed solution to move more people, more efficiently and equitably. Building on the success of bus priority lane pilots throughout the region, BostonBRT works in partnership with municipalities and civic leaders to advocate for the next critical step: implementing true BRT in corridors of high rider demand, in accordance with the Global BRT Standard. BostonBRT is managed by the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy with support from the Barr Foundation. Learn more at and join the conversation with #BosBRT.