Selling SaaS into Higher Ed


281 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210
United States

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Selling SaaS into higher education starts with an understanding of different buyer personas, higher education segments, and purchasing authority. If your product value prop does not align with the specific department goals or purchasing ability of your target buyer, no amount of sales or marketing firepower will move the needle on your sales growth. Enrollment management, development, student affairs, academic departments, IT and business operations on campus all have different SaaS purchasing profiles. How do you build your product value prop? Who do you need on the first call? How do you leverage segment referencing? Do you build pricing around enrollments, seats, or land and expand?

All that and more with Brent Keltner, PhD, a veteran sales leader and President of the growth consultancy Winalytics.

This session is open to everyone, but is designed for CEOs and salespersons who focus on getting their SAAS products into the higher education sector.




Brent Keltner


Brent Keltner, PhD, President of Winalytics

Brent and the team at Winalytics help companies build growth gains with repeatable, data-driven sales and marketing processes that lead to faster pipeline development and more deal wins. Winalytics agile growth method is based on a qualitative research technique Brent developed while a Ph.D. social scientist at Stanford and RAND and then refined through 10 years of testing as a sales and business leader at Kaplan, Eduventures, and CollegiateLink. The team at Winalytics has had dozens of engagements all higher education departments and also works on engagements in the marcomm, retail and consumer, business operation, and information technology sectors.