The Road to Crowdfunding, The PAKT One Story


Artisan's Asylum
10 Tyler St
Somerville, MA
United States

Thursday, 14 June 2018 - 6:00pm

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Join IDSA Boston and Artisan's Asylum for a talk hosted by Jordan Nollman, CEO and principal of Sprout Studios. Take a tour of the Artisan's Asylum's extensive makerspace and learn how a local Boston company created a campaign that raised over 1.7 million dollars on Indigogo.

Doors open at 6pm and the talk begins at 6:30pm. All are welcome.


Last year, Malcolm Fontier, The Minimalists, and Sprout Studios teamed up to answer the requests of fans around the world to bring a cult favorite travel bag back to the market. The Pakt One is an updated version of Malcolm Fontier’s limited edition Getaway bag, which broke ground in 2011 due to its innovative dual compartment, zip-around body style. Launched on Indigogo in Nov 2017, the project blew past all expectations, reaching 2474% of it's goal and raising almost $1.7 million dollars.

Jordan is a Boston born, award-winning designer who is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of design. He is also an entrepreneur, investor and mentor with many Boston and San Francisco based startups. In his current capacity, Jordan is CEO and Principal of Sprout Studios an Award winning multi-disciplinary design firm based in Boston. He has extensive knowledge in the IoT industry in both Physical and Visual design. He has also been chief creative officer for numerous start ups most recently crowdfunding Pakt Bags which raised over 1.7 million in sales.


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Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication. 
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To learn more about the PAKT One, visit their indigogo page