Panasonic Technology Day


155 Seaport Boulevard 13th floor
Boston, MA
United States

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 - 12:00pm

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Join us for an afternoon to explore recent Robotics Sensing, Control and A/I Technologies, co-hosted by Panasonic and MassRobotic in Boston, on November 14th from 12PM to 6PM.  Delve into hands-on demos, listen to supporting presentations, learn and expand ways to deliver enhanced Robotics functions at this leading robotics innovation center. 

Panasonic presents Technology discussions and Live demonstrations featuring:

  • Autonomous Robot Cleaner
  • Autonomous Wheelchair
  • 3D Lidar – Wide Range
  • 3D Laser Guidance Technology
  • A/I with “Scratch”
  • Motion Sensing Technology

Demonstrations will include topics above as well as high power DC motors, GaN technology, and key components!

Panasonic:  Panasonic began its existence by developing component and material technologies that still serve as the building blocks for a wide range of advanced products and solutions for the connected world, automation, sustainable home and energy, and immersive entertainment. And this development continues. Panasonic technology is deeply embedded within their customers' products, so consumers may not realize that their car or mobile device relies upon Panasonic's components and batteries, or that their favorite product is enabled by Panasonic sensors or was manufactured with the help of Panasonic factory automation equipment.  Panasonic’s disruptive technologies are technologies that transform and move us forward.