Navigating Equity and Inclusion in a New World of the Same Ol’ Boys Club


Broad Institute (Monadnock room)
415 Main Street
Cambridge, MA
United States

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 - 6:30pm

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Please join us for this evening of provocative dialogue led by inclusion and diversity expert practitioners Su Joun of Diversity@Workplace and Sean Driscoll of BBsquared, as they’ll pose and discuss the landscape of gender diversity in relation to inclusion, access, challenges and opportunities across our workplaces of today. 

As we all experience and reflect upon the current coincidental realities of #MeToo, #PayEquity vs. #EqualPay, and #Inclusion vs. #Diversity - Su and Sean will push the dialogue envelope into deeper dives while offering complimentary cross perspectives. 

Su and Sean will speak from their own diverse journeys and viewpoints, but more so as thought leaders who aren’t afraid to turn the dial to diversity channels you might not have watched or listened to before… So we invite you to come and join in the dialogue, for an evening that will empower you with newly realized takeaways on how to better succeed, in creative confidence, as you travel your own unique career pathways!