Kendall Square Cambridge Food and Innovation Tour (MIT)


Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA
United States

Saturday, 15 June 2019 - 2:00pm

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What's the center of the universe when it comes to innovation? Kendall Square, Cambridge! Well it wasn't always that way. For many years, Kendall Square felt empty and deserted. Manufacturing moved away from Kendall in the mid 1900's when NASA decided not to move its headquarters there. Today Kendall Square, Cambridge is centrally located right near the Charles River and is home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge Innovation Center, and exciting biotech and pharma companies. Eat at some of the most beautiful restaurants in the city and sample a variety of delicious dishes. We will hear about what's innovating in Kendall Square today. Discover the most impressive and beautiful spaces in Cambridge in this special curated experience. 


  • Learn local history; food science and innovation
  • Walk the Entrepreneurial Walk of Fame
  • ​Discover a secret rooftop garden
  • Sample diverse modern cuisine in the most impressive and beautiful spaces in Cambridge
  • Meet a chef and learn about farm to table cooking
  • Sink your teeth into pizza with locally sourced ingredients
  • Devour famous Boston dumplings, perhaps the best in the city!
  • Enjoy a specialty cocktail and creative sweet
  • and more!