Internal Communications Mastermind


1 Broadway, 5th Floor - St Thomas room
Cambridge, MA 02142
United States

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Sometimes even the best internal communications pros can use the inspiration and insight of other great practitioners.

Internal Comms Mastermind group sessions are a great way to chew on your biggest challenges over lunch with like-minded peers.

Facilitated by internal comms expert and coach, Victoria Dew, SCMP, Mastermind sessions give you an opportunity to gain new ideas and support in an intimate group setting. You’ll also have a chance to help mastermind other’s IC challenges.

You should attend an IC Mastermind session if you are:

  • The only internal Comms practitioner in your company or team, and want to network and collaborate with other IC folks.

  • Have plenty of IC experience, and would still like to learn more about how other teams handle similar challenges.

  • Feel stuck and frustrated in your role and could really use some fresh ideas and perspective.

  • Are newer in your role and would love to pick up tips and tricks from colleagues who’ve been around the block a few times.

  • Are doing an internal Comms role within your company, but actually come from a different discipline.

  • Want to grow your Comms network in Boston, and connect with your peers.

At each Mastermind session, one participant will be in the ‘spotlight’ and have a chance to bring a particular question or challenge to the group. Victoria will clarify and coach on the question first, and then everyone will have a chance to share their insights, perspective and experience.

Whether you’re in the spotlight, or helping a colleague solve their issue, you’ll leave excited, energized, and full of new ideas to take back to your role.

Pick up lunch on the way, and come join us at CIC Cambridge in Kendall Sq!

Still confused about Masterminding and how it works? Check out our FAQs:


What is Masterminding?

A Mastermind session is like a facilitated brainstorming session. At each session, one attendee brings a specific issue they’re wrestling with at work, and together, a small group (6-8) will (facilitated by a communications coach) offer perspective, insight, advice and ideas to help them navigate this challenge.

Masterminds present an opportunity not only for the person in the 'spotlight,’ to get help with their issue, but for attendees to collaborate to and flex their comms problem-solving muscles.


If you are the person in the ‘spotlight’ you will:

  • Have 25-40 minutes of focused attention on you, and your comms issue

  • Gain fresh perspective, insight and advice of a small group of diverse, and interested fellow comms professionals.

  • Be guided and supported by the a facilitating coach who will ensure that the conversation is constructive, focused and guided towards providing you with meaningful, tangible solutions you can take back to your role and implement right away.


If you are part of the masterminding group, you will:

  • Enjoy an invigorating discussion on challenges you may be facing at work yourself

  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with, and support fellow IC pros, and build your professional network

  • Flex your comms problem-solving muscles and learn more about other team's challenges.



What if I’m nervous about sharing sensitive/confidential information in a ‘public’ group?

Everyone in the group will be asked to maintain confidences -- what happens at IC Mastermind stays at IC Mastermind. However, you definitely should not share any information that could compromise your business.


How do I get to be in the ‘Spotlight?’

Just ask! We’ll schedule you in for an upcoming session.


Who will be facilitating these Mastermind sessions?

Sessions will be facilitated by Victoria Dew, SCMP, founder of Dewpoint Communications, an internal communications expert and coach with nearly 15 years of global expertise. You can learn more about Victoria here.

What if I have more questions?
Just ask –