Hardware Startup Pitching Online


Online Webinar
Boston, MA
United States

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

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Meet hardware & IoT startup founders and learn about their innovative products in this live online event.
Want to present your own hardware startup in front of a global audience? Apply via the link below.

*** Mark your attendance here (top-right of the page), then register using this link, spaces are limited *** https://webinar.startupblink.com/hardware-pitching/

- Join us either as a listener or as one of the teams pitching.
- Give feedback, practice your pitch and connect to Hardware startup founders from around the world.
- Receive advice from world-class Hardware and IoT experts.
- Want to pitch YOUR Hardware and IoT startup in this event? Apply through the form below and our team will select the 5 most interesting startups for the event!
- Extra bonus from us if you get selected to pitch - youll be featured on the StartupBlink Blog post & a YouTube video (if you choose to)!

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