The Capital Network Fellowship Deadline


Every year for the past 30 years more women than men have graduated college. Women are entering the workforce in equal numbers to men, but women still:

  • – Earn 79% of their male counterparts
  • – Receive less than 10% of venture capital funding
  • – Make up only 18% of all start-up founders
  • – Run only 4% of Fortune 500 companies
  • – Only 2 % of women owned firms generate more than a million dollars


How we can help:

For the Boston ecosystem to reach its full potential it needs to create access and opportunities for ALL of its residents.
We created the fellowship to address some of this need. Currently the fellowship helps women entrepreneurs building early stage startups by providing them with a free six-month membership to The Capital Network.


What fellows receive:

A 6 month TCN membership which includes:

  • 6 month unlimited access to lunch workshops & roundtables.
  • 1 on 1 mentorship opportunities.  
  • Access to special members-only events.
  • Access to our network and resources, and discounts to partner events.
  • Free or discounted access to Fast Tracks & Full Day bootcamps.
  • Opportunities to meet Boston’s most active investors and mentors.

Fellows are expected to attend events monthly (all events are located in the Boston/Cambridge/Greater Boston area).


How we find our fellows:

TCN is a core member of the Boston ecosystem; we pull from various partners and our network to find entrepreneurs that have the drive to benefit from this unique opportunity.
Note preference will be given to entrepreneurs who have NOT participated in accelerators in the past.

If you think you would benefit from our fellowship - please contact us for more information.


SPRING 2018 APPLICATIONS: Applications open May 3rd 2018 and close May 25th 2018 Recipients are announced on JUNE 4th 2018
 Applications open AUGUST 15th 2018 and close SEPTEMBER 28th 2018. Recipients are announced on OCTOBER 15th 2018