Building a Great Business and Living a Great Life Too


Newton Innovation Center
124 Vernon St.
Newton, MA
United States

Thursday, 16 November 2017 - 5:00pm

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Entrepreneurs are often so fixated on being the next Google and scaling up fast, that they forget to create a good foundation for their business.  Rob Kagan, serial entrepreneur, believes that ideas like customer service, not burning bridges, and getting the learning curve down on your specific product or service are some of the fundamentals that many entrepreneurs miss in their rush to raise money or grow their business.   Rob has founded and exited from four lifestyle business:  An upscale seaside resort clothing store that he bootstrapped with $5,000 just 3 months shy of graduating Brown University, a home services concierge business on Martha's Vineyard, a consulting business for small businesses, and a green construction company.  Each time, he saw a problem and created a way to solve it.   Along the way, Rob and his wife repeatedly prioritized their children and quality of life over rapid scale or selling out on their personal values and ideals.  Yet, Rob was able to build successful businesses and provide wealth and a great life style for their family.     In this informal discussion, we will chat with Rob about his own stories and lessons learned.  How did he build his four business?  What obstacles did he have to overcome to get his business started? Why did he make the decisions he did?  Why did he choose to exit each business?  What would he do differently?  What lessons-learned does he have to share with other current and potential business owners?