BRIDGE12 Afternoon Tea Seminar - Urban Tech Executives Share Their China Insights


CIC Cambridge
245 Main St
12 Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
United States

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 - 5:00pm

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The Bridge12 Afternoon Tea Seminar is a monthly serial event where leadership from different corporations are invited to have talks and share their China-related business experiences. The objective of these seminars are to help educate and raise awareness among those who are interested in the Chinese market. Each seminar will have a focused topic/industry. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy authentic tea from China.


August Seminar Theme:

“Urban Tech Executives Share Their China Insights”



1) Can you please share with us a failure story you had in expanding or operating in the Chinese market where you learned a valuable lesson?

2) What would you say are the key differences between the Chinese and US urban tech markets in terms of market mechanics and culture that one should be aware of?

3) What do you see as the key trends and areas of opportunity developing in the China urban tech market within the next 5-10 years?

4) With the Chinese market continuing to grow strong, how would you suggest a foreign company breaking into Chinese urban tech approach the endeavor to stay competitive to their Chinese peers?



SVV is an engineering venture manufacturing company, who partners with founders and corporates to reduce risk and time in product delivery. By creating a safe haven in China by protecting IP (intellectual property) and giving hardware companies the reassurance needed to successively develop products, SVVs engineering experts optimize productization and have founders'​ products ready for Chinese manufacturing right from the start, so startups can focus on software, marketing, and sales.


As part of MITs innovation initiative, Tekuma is an incubator for future cities. At the intersection of culture, technology, and real estate, Tekuma uses design thinking to empower people to solve complex challenges for cities and improve the quality of urban life. As its major spin out, Tekuma Frenchman Urban Design operates worldwide, applying prof. Frenchman’s research at MIT to many scales of intervention — from planning cities for millions in China to art and cultural installations in the Middle East and the United States.



  • 4:45-5:00 Check-in

  • 5:00-5:10 Tea education and tasting

  • 5:10-5:50 Speakers talk and Q&A

  • 5:50-6:00 CUBIC SHWeek/SPEED introduction

  • 6:00-6:30 Networking and tea tasting


*All registrants are hereby notified that the organizers will take pictures during the event and will use them to promote future events.


What is BRIDGE12?

Co-operated by InnoBridge Boston and Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), BRIDGE12 is the newly launched community that provides a strong network, programing , and consulting services to unlock the path to China for promising US businesses.