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Product Management Info Session

People call the Product Manager a “mini-CEO” - join us for this info session to see how you can lead teams and launch successful products. Takeaways:

Web Development Immersive Info Session

Web Development has changed the way our world shares information and does business, empowering individuals and businesses to connect in ways never thought imaginable. Join us to see how you can become a developer yourself in this info session. Takeaways:

Data Science Info Session

Data science is emerging as a discipline to help take business intelligence to the next level by making it easier to harness large amounts of data. Learn how you can begin to do the same in this info session. Takeaways:

The Road to Code: Workshop With Kristen Mutascio

Always wanted to learn the basics of building websites, but never had the opportunity? Join BOS Lady Project and General Assembly for a casual evening of coding! This event will be led by instructor Kristen Mutacio, who will be teaching the basics of HTML & CSS coding.

An Introduction To Quickbooks

Have you considered selling to the federal government? The SBA can help you to learn how it is done. Learn how the federal government purchases products and services.

What Do You Need for a Management Team to be Successful?

          This workshop focuses on the core competencies your business needs to succeed and the skills and knowledge that your current staff/team possess.   Identify the existing gaps and how to close those gaps, including outsourcing and how to find external consultants.

Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer

Marketing has the power to create strategies with data at its core so you are no longer a marketer with an opinion, you are one who has data and insights to drive growth.

The Secrets To Building A Personal Brand

Boston's digital scene is filled with bright personalities. But what separates the pompous from the powerful? When you live and work in such a populous and busy city, how do you define yourself and remain true to your values?

Intro to the Boston Startup Community

Join us for a panel discussion with Boston's top community organizers and get an exclusive inside look into the startup culture that’s rapidly growing in the city. Why it Matters?


Learn about pricing concepts, the role of pricing in a company’s strategy and an easy four-step process to determine pricing based on costs, customer goals, trends and competition. | FREE Speaker: Barry Horwitz, Horwitz & Company LLC Sponsored by the MA Small Business Development Center