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Talk Data to Me is a monthly event series where we host thought-leaders from the Boston data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life.
###Data & Marketing### In November, General Assembly is teaming up with ThriveHive and other local industry experts to discuss Data & Marketing. Why it matters?
New digital trends continue to disrupt Marketing as we know it. Just about every business has some kind of online presence and more than 50% of businesses have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A main focus of these strategies is to leverage data resources for targeting and experimentation. The goal of a smart digital strategy is to streamline browsing, engaging, and purchasing by creating a personalized, hassle-free user experience. In general, companies that engage in personalization tend to have higher satisfaction ratings. Through data-driven efforts such as segmentation and website optimization, companies can ensure the most relevant content for a user is displayed to them. What you'll takeaway?
- Having a data strategy is essential for a business to grow in the digital age - A first step is to understand the customer base and what their needs are in order to target products - Full experimental designs are possible and fast with modern computing capacity, enabling on-the-fly tweaks for tailored experiences By signing up for this event, you're giving our sponsors permission to contact you about upcoming events and promotions.