SCORE Boston Workshop: Funding Your Start-Up


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Starting a new business requires a good idea, a willingness to take a risk, and… money.  Banks rarely lend to start-ups, so where do you go for funding?  This workshop will explain the various sources of funds for startups that need anything from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand. 

The workshop will give participants a clear idea of the sources for their type and size of business, and how to approach the various sources.

This workshop is sponsored by SCORE Boston and the East Boston Public Library. It will be presented by SCORE Mentor Mike Sandman

Mike was part of a family-run small manufacturing business for over 20 years and then had a second 25-year career as a consultant for clients in the US, Europe and Asia.  His clients ran the gamut from cheese-makers to companies producing rocket boosters as well as software firms.