The Road to Code


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We are bringing together some of Boston's programming experts to share their 'Road to Code'. They will walk through their path to web development, share how to navigate Boston's coding community, and give advice on where to get started. Why It Matters
The world of web development has a myriad of entry points. You could start out learning to code in Ruby, Python, or maybe even Java. But which language will take you furthest toward achieving your goals? Hear what languages local Boston programming experts believe top the need-to-know list in 2018. You’ll also get the lay of the website- and app-building land, and connect with developers — both aspiring and pro — who can help you find your way. What You'll Take Away
- Hear our panel share their 'Road to Code' and get advice on where to begin in Web Development.
- Touch on fundamental programming languages and tools.
- Understand the importance of having a growth mindset.
- Get an introduction to the Boston Web Development community (key events/meetups to attend, people, companies etc.).