Reconnect with Your Strengths


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Are you unemployed, underemployed or just unhappy with your current work situation? Are your skills, talents, and experiences underappreciated by those you work with, maybe even by you? Do you even remember those moments you were at the peak of your performance and engagement at work?

We get it…moreover, we can help. 

In this one-day workshop, co-sponsored with Innate Force Coaching & Consulting, we will help you revisit and reconnect with the talents and strengths that show up when you are performing at your best. We will help you look back at your life to identify and understand the talents that you use to hit these high points, and then to fully own your successes and be able to tell compelling stories of those moments. We will speak about the cost of not using them in the future, and help you see the type of work situations where you are at your best.

You will leave with a clearer sense of what you bring to the table, what you need to do your best work, and what really motivates you for peak performance and engagement. Each of these, and much more, will be explored by studying your “strengths” and using the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly called StrengthsFinder).

This is part of a series of daylong events to address the main areas where we often get stuck in finding meaningful work.