Hustle Smarter: Tactics & Routines to Scale Your Business [Online]


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Working as a freelancer, entrepreneur or at a startup, you’re often told to “Hustle Harder” as a way of becoming more successful.

For some, this motivation is necessary and useful. However, what if you’re already motivated, and are looking to develop specific processes that will help grow your business?

This workshop-style class will help you develop a scalable process aligned with your desired business outcomes. You’ll also discover how to focus on impact, so you can reach these outcomes without sacrificing time away from your family, friends or other interests.

With a clearly defined goal and process, your decision-making becomes much more binary. You’ll be able to easily say no to projects and opportunities that aren’t aligned with your goal, so you can have more time to focus on what really matters.

Along with planning for success, we’ll also determine what could potentially lead to failure. This activity, known as a pre-mortem, helps you determine why a strategy could fail, so you can proactively avoid these mistakes.

Spend less time attending offsite meetings with no clearly defined agenda, spend more time creating a lead magnet and sales funnel.

Using real examples, we’ll explore tactics for turning obstacles into opportunities and how to take a loss without losing motivation. You’ll also walk out with recommendations for specific tools, apps and literature to help maintain the momentum going forward.