#FirstFridayFair with Analytics Week


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Join us for #FirstFridayFair Boston- a monthly event series hosted by AnalyticsWEEK. This event is designed to connect industry leaders in big data, software development, and analytics to come and network with fellow professionals and job seekers. Why it matters?
We recognize that data science and big data professionals are hard to come by. With the growing demand for talent in this space, the current hiring platforms are no longer able to keep up with the community's needs. By creating an event that brings data, development, and analytics professionals all under one roof, our goal is to help facilitate relationships and promote healthier hiring practices across the industry. What you'll takeaway?
We expect the event to: 1. Create interesting conversation 2. Improve access to local talent and local opportunities 3. Provide a venue to promote effective hiring 4. Connect professionals with other seekers so they could collaborate and improve their search 5. Discover what some of the top businesses are looking for in new talent