Excel Dashboards Class


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This in-person, hands-on class shows you how to create a Microsoft Excel dashboard that visually summarizes data with charts and other graphical aids and enables people to query the underlying data interactively. Topics include —

  • • What a dashboard can do and how it can be used,
  • • Planning a dashboard,
  • • Adding charts,
  • • Creating Tables and Pivot Tables and using them on a dashboard,
  • • Using Slicers to filter data interactively,
  • • Using Combo Boxes to change dashboard settings,
  • • Creating dynamic messages with text calculations and functions,
  • • Using conditional formatting, functions and the Camera Tool to change the dashboard’s appearance based on data values,
  • • Using Excel’s drawing tools to add visual elements to the dashboard,
  • • Entering and updating data by copying and pasting, importing with macros and linking to external data sources, and
  • • Testing and deploying the dashboard. Cost $260. Students should have a working knowledge of Excel.

Details at https://www.computerimages.com/course_descriptions/d-excel-dashboard-cla....